Thin Ice
Henry Holt and Co.
A John Macrae/Holt
Paperbacks Book
496 pages
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"

Two 8-page b&w inserts

Pub Date: 10/3/06
ISBN: 0805081356

Improved Map:

Owing to a mix-up during
production, an early, working
draft of the world map
appears in the first printing
of Thin Ice, in which a few
locations in Asia and
Antarctica are misplaced.
This error was rectified in the
paperback edition.

To view, download, or print
the correct map,
click the image:

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In 2007, Lonnie Thompson was awarded the National Medal of Science for “his pioneering research in paleoclimatology analyzing isotopic and chemical fingerprints found in tropical ice cores from the world’s highest mountain glaciers and for his courage in collecting these disappearing climate archives that has transformed our understanding of the natural and anthropogenic factors influencing climate variability on our planet, past and present.”

In 2005, Lonnie was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. This news release also lists some of the other prizes Lonnie and his wife, Ellen Mosley-Thompson, have received.

In 2001, Time and CNN named Lonnie one of America’s Best Scientists.

The Web site of Lonnie and Ellen’s research group at Ohio State University.

Lonnie continues to track the retreat of the Snows of Kilimanjaro. He returned to the mountain five years after the expedition that is described at the end of Thin Ice to find that the rate of retreat had increased.

Thin Ice is often cited for the quality of its historical review of global warming science. Spencer Weart’s superb Web site, The Discovery of Global Warming, was an invaluable resource for the writing of that section.

Photographer George Steinmetz, who joined Lonnie Thompson and me on the Sajama expedition, which opens Thin Ice. One of the finest photographers working today.

Thin Ice